About Xavi's girlfriend

Name: Zuri
Pedigree Name: Nurisha Emeralds Echo
Date of Birth:
 12 December 2010
Breeder: Caroline Melville (Nurisha Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
Owner: Scott & Jillian Muir
Sire: Veldtkammer Mega Hassle 
Dam: Nurisha Emerald
Brothers/sisters: 2/4
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 35 kg


Zuri (Nurisha Emeralds Echo) is one of the softest and sweetest RR girls I've met in my life. From the moment I've seen her for the first time, I was in love.
Such a wonderful natured girl with the most gorgeous face and expression. She's a very sensitive and social girl, loves other dogs, people and children. She also loves big walks with (RR) friends and biking. Xavi and Zuri were a wonderful match from the beginning. Loved each other and even kissed while mated! 
It is going to be Zuri and Jillian's first litter, so a very exciting adventure for all of us!

Xavi and Zuri mated on the 23rd of March and everything went just perfect. It was love at first sight.
On the 21st of May 10 beautiful and strong puppies were born. There are 6 girls and 4 boys.
3 puppies forgot their ridge in all the hurry to come out. Otherwise 7 correct ridges, no excessive white or kinked tails.
One little boy was operated on a DS in his neck and is now as happy and healthy as his brothers and sisters.
We are extremely proud of this litter and want to thank Jillian and Scott for their trust in us and Xavi!

The theme of the litter is The Dutch & Dutchess Litter!

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