About Xavi's girlfriend

Name: Bärbel
Pedigree Name: Umzingeli Dream Come True Nene
Date of Birth:
Breeder: Margit Firsching (Umzingeli Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
Owner: Margit Firsching
Sire: Hujambo Samburu of Sambesi Waters  
Dam: Waenzi Wazuri Aneesa Umzingeli
Brothers/sisters: 7/1
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 34 kg


Bärbel was born in 2015 out of Aneesa (Waenzi Wazuri Aneesa Umzingeli) and Samburu (Hujambo Samburu of Sambesi Waters). In January 2017 the puppies of Aneesa and Xavi were born. A beautiful litter of 13 puppies with all wonderful colors, temperaments and exterior. When Margit asked me if she could use Xavi for Bärbel's first litter, I didn't have to think long. We met Bärbel when she was here in Holland and ofcourse when visiting the puppies of Aneesa and Xavi. Bärbel is the perfect example of a livernose. She has so much humor, behaves like a puppy and has a beautiful red color. She was a wonderful big sister for the litter and very patient with the pups. 

Bärbel's dad Samburu we have been following for years. I think his temperament is very close to Xavi's. He is stable, friendly, confident and wonderful with both people and other dogs. He has no problems with other male dogs and stays calm in any situation. I'm very proud to have Xavi and Samburu's lines together in the Umzingeli 2017 puppies. 

We expect Bärbel's season around September/October 2017. Fingers crossed for a healthy litter late 2017! 

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