About Xavi's girlfriend

Name: Aneesa
Pedigree Name: Waenzi Wazuri Aneesa Umzingeli
Date of Birth:
Breeder: Cosima von Delius (Waenzi Wazuri Rhodesian Ridgebacks)
Owner: Margit Firsching
Sire: Ch. Harmakhis Wisdom Hakim  
Dam: Umzingeli Al Kalila Bint Jakari
Brothers/sisters: 5/3
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 38 kg


Aneesa (Waenzi Wazuri Aneesa Umzingeli) was born on 23. June 2010 at Kennel Waenzi Wazuri in Germany. She developed to be a beautiful, outgoing, friendly and stable girl who, like Xavi, loves swimming and walks with her friends. Aneesa lives with her livernose daughter Bärbel with Margit and her family in Lautertal (Germany).

Aneesa had two litters; the first with Akil von Dela Eden and the second with Hujambo Samburu of Sambesi Waters. Especially the last litter we followed closely because I have followed Samburu closely over the last year. He is an amazing friendly, handsome and healthy boy and a real eye-catcher. From this litter Bärbel stayed with Margit and her family.

From Aneesa and Xavi's litter we expect real no-nonsense Ridgebacks, friendly and confident, water-lovers and with humor. Because Aneesa had livernose puppies in her second litter, we might have livernoses too. We are very much looking forward to the Exclusive puppies and want to thank Margit for her trust in us and Xavi!

Xavi and Aneesa mated on 18 and 19 November 2016. 
On 21th of January 2017 Aneesa gave birth to no less than 13 puppies in only 8 hours.
We have 5 boys and 8 girls. Unfortunately one little girl died shortly after birth.
The puppies are called the Umzingeli Exclusives and exclusive they definitely are! Details from this litter can be found under Offspring.

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