On this page we will keep you informed about Xavi's litters and offspring. We plan a maximum of 3 litters in one year and prefer to plan just one litter in one year in the same country.
On the personal pages of the litters you find individual pages of all puppies with photos and more information about the mum of the litter.

Faahac Royalty Litter 2012

Faahac 2012

Breeder: Gill Lawless
Kennel: Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks (England, UK)
Bride: Ch. Faahac Farenya JW ShCM "Enyaa"
Date of birth: June 30th, 2012

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    Name Standard      HD    ED Other
1 Faahac Royaal Fenvi van Bomazi "Envi"     Correct  -  Multiple Crufts Qualifications!
2 Faahac Royaal Fakari "Marcus" Correct  
3 Faahac Royaal Fanfare "Oliver" Correct  
4 Faahac Royaal Fasination "Gabela" Correct  
5 Faahac Royaal Fedraa "Red" Correct Crufts Qualification 2014! 
6 Faahac Royaal Fabari "Ridley" Correct Free Crufts Qualification 2014!
7 Faahac Royaal Fashion "Zula" Correct  
8 Faahac Royaal Focus "Focus" Correct A     Free      Crufts Qualification 2014!
9 Faahac Royaal Fsabaa "Nelson" Correct Livernose
10 Faahac Royaal Faribaa ShCM "Tamu" Correct Multiple Crufts Qualifications!
Show Certificate of Merit Title Winner, CC Winner!
11 Faahac Royaal Finesse "Asha" Correct A Free Livernose
12 Faahac Royaal Farai "Chipo" Correct  -  

Zumaridi Dutch & Dutchess Litter 2014

Zumaridi 2014

Breeder: Jillian & Scott Muir
Kennel: Zumaridi Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Scotland, UK)
Bride: Nurisha Emeralds Echo "Zuri"
Date of birth: May 21st, 2014

    Name Standard        HD      ED        Other
1 Zumaridi Dutch Nevis "Nevis" Correct -  
2 Zumaridi Dutchess Dee "Dee" Correct  
3 Zumaridi Dutch Lyon "Murray"  Correct A* Food-allergy
4 Zumaridi Dutchess Almond "Luki"       Ridgeless         
5 Zumaridi Dutch Enrick "Ruben" Ridgeless  
6 Zumaridi Dutchess Lily "Lily" Ridgeless  
7 Zumaridi Dutchess Isla "Isla" Correct A Free Multiple Crufts Qualifications!
8 Zumaridi Dutch Affric "Ravi" Correct - DS operated 
9 Zumaridi Dutchess Nairn "Malwa" Correct  
10 Zumaridi Dutchess Earn "Fee" Correct A*  

* Unofficial result (result from vet, not from The Kennel Club)

Faahac Freedom Litter 2014

Faahac 2014

Breeder: Gill Lawless 
Kennel: Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks (England, UK)
Bride: Ch. Faahac Farenya JW ShCM "Enyaa"
Date of birth: July 11th, 2014

    Name Standard        HD      ED        Other
1 Faahac Care Free "Roxy" Correct  
2 Faahac Fancy Free "Daazi" Correct A Free   Multiple Crufts Qualifications, CC Winner!
3 Faahac Born Free "Marnie" Correct     A Free  Multiple Crufts Qualifications!
4 Ch. Faahac Free N Easy JW ShCM "Mack"     Correct 1 Livernose, Multiple Crufts Qualifications, Junior Warrant & CC Winner! UK show Champion!       
5 Faahac Free Time "Maara" Correct  

A little livernose girl died at the age of 2 weeks. She was already very small at birth and it was just too much for her.  

Azali Jamaa Azizi Litter 2014


Breeder: Leo & Mareike Teglas
Kennel: Azali Jamaa Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Germany)
Bride: Sabayuma Ashmahani Lubaya "Lubaya"
Date of birth: October 21st, 2014

    Name Standard        HD      ED        Other
1 Azali Jamaa Azizi Rashida Maliki "Mali"     Correct -  
2 Azali Jamaa Azizi Amar "Amar" Correct  
3 Azali Jamaa Azizi Luna's Prinses Peach "Peach"    Ridgeless  
4 Azali Jamaa Azizi Laini "Laini"    Correct       Livernose
5 Azali Jamaa Azizi Anjo "Anjo" 3 crowns  
6 Azali Jamaa Azizi Leoto "Leo" Ridgeless  
7 Azali Jamaa Azizi Balu "Balu"               Ridgeless  
8 Azali Jamaa Azizi Tiberius ShCM "Jasper" Correct A Free Multiple Crufts Qualifications!
Show Certificate of Merit Title Winner, CC Winner!
9 Azali Jamaa Azizi Zuri "Zuri" Correct Livernose
10 Azali Jamaa Azizi Binti "Binti" Correct Livernose 


Tunapendana Adia Litter 2015

Tunapendana Adia Litter 2015

Breeder: Katja & Mario Lisson 
Kennel: Tunapendana Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Germany)
Bride: Ch. Gasira-Gioia of Sansibar Island "Gioia"
Date of birth: April 26th, 2015

    Name Standard        HD      ED        Other
1 Tunapendana Adia Thabo "Thabo"             Correct -                                
2 Tunapendana Adia Sir Henry "Sir Henry" Correct  
3 Tunapendana Adia Samaya "Maya" Correct  
4 Ch. Tunapendana Adia Ayo "Ayo"  Correct        A Free Show Champion of Germany!
5 Tunapendana Adia Paula "Paula" Correct  
6 Tunapendana Adia Mila "Mila" Correct  
7 Tunapendana Adia Nala "Nala" Correct -                 
8 Tunapendana Adia Sambo "Sambo" Correct Operated on elbow
9 Tunapendana Adia Abayomi "Yomi" Correct

A little boy died at the age of 5 weeks. He was stung by a wasp and it was too late to safe him. A very sad accident.

Umzingeli Exclusive Litter 2016

Umzingeli Exclusive Litter 2016

Breeder: Margit Firsching 
Kennel: Umzingeli Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Germany)
Bride: Waenzi Wazuri Aneesa Umzingeli "Aneesa"
Date of birth: January 21th, 2017

    Name Standard        HD      ED        Other
1 Umzingeli Exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi "Meilow"     3 crowns -                                
2 Umzingeli Exclusive Ogan Akil "Akil" Correct  
3 Umzingeli Exclusive Naima Ostara "Naima" Correct  
4 Umzingeli Exclusive Okari Erik "Erik" Correct        - -  Livernose
5 Umzingeli Exclusive Oda "Oda" 3 crowns  
6 Umzingeli Exclusive Okari Nala "Nala" 3 crowns  
7 Umzingeli Exclusive Oohna Emma "Emma" Correct -                 
8 Umzingeli Exclusive Omson Eska X3 "Esko" 4 crowns  
9 Umzingeli Exclusive O'Nelly Kiefer "Kiefer" Correct  
10 Umzingeli Exclusive Ophra Kimbia "Kimbia" Correct  
11 Umzingeli Exclusive O'Siris Aitwaye Siris "Siris"    Correct  
12 Umzingeli Exclusive Os'Iris Freya "Freya" 4 crowns  Livernose

A little girl died shortly after birth. 

Zaliwa Ndoto Prince Litter 2018

Zaliwa Ndoto

Breeder: Monique Dirks
Kennel: Zaliwa Ndoto Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Netherlands)
Bride: Ndoto Aila Adhama Off "Sawa"
Date of birth: March 5th, 2018

    Name Standard        HD      ED        Other
1 Zaliwa Ndoto Purple Rain "Tatar"     Correct  
2 Zaliwa Ndoto Little Red Corvette "Falkor"    Correct - -
3 Zaliwa Ndoto Darling Nikki "Maïva" Correct     - -
4 Zaliwa Ndoto Kiss "Vince" Correct -  
5 Zaliwa Ndoto Cream "Ravi" Correct  



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