Coursing Rotterdam

...Summerstorm and weather alarm code red...it all didn't stop us from going to the 4th RRCN lure coursing event of the season. This time the location was Rotterdam and we had a lovely day again despite the bad weather. The boys were slower than normal and not too amused about the heavy rain during their second run, but they still had fun and did two good runs! Thanks again RRCN organization for another great day! We are looking forward to Venlo and Lelystad! Also thanks to Edward for making some lovely photos of our boys in Rotterdam.

One year ago..

Freedom puppies 1 year

..after more than 70 days after mating, Enyaa finally decided to deliver 6 gorgeous babies. Unfortunately one tiny girl died after two weeks, she was just too small. The other 5 (4 girls and 1 boy) developed into wonderful dogs both in- and outside. We are extremely proud of another wonderful litter of Xavi and Enyaa. Happy first birthday to Marnie, Daazi, Roxy, Mack and Maara! Wishing you all many more happy years in good health!

Family walk

Azizi walk

Today we had a small reunion with Xavi's bride Lubaya, son Amar and daughters Binti and Peach and ofcourse Focus was there too. The puppies all looked great and had a lot of fun together. After the walk we had a nice picknick together at Mireille and Roy's place where the puppies continued with some RR-wrestling and food-stealing. A wonderful day with lovely people and dogs. We are looking forward to the big reunion in Winterberg next month!

The first date

Thandi and Xavi

Today Xavi and Thandi had their first date and both us and the dogs had a wonderful day. We agreed, Thandi and Xavi make a wonderful couple together and we are so excited about our plans! Bongani's Dream litter is planned for Spring 2016. More information about Thandi on www.bongani.de and about the litter on our Bongani page. Ofcourse Focus joined us too and Thandi's 'sisters' Sham and Cajou! They had fun together swimming, playing and running and we are looking forward to the next date!

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