Visiting Fee

Visit Fee

Today we visited Mark & Wendy and Fee (Zumaridi Dutchess Earn) in her home again. We haven't seen her for a little while, so it was great to see her again and cuddle her. Fee is a lovely girl and it was lovely to see how great she looks and how much she is loved by Mark & Wendy, Lola and Jakko. Very stunning girl, we are proud!

The last one!

Coursing Lelystad

Today was the last RRCN lure coursing event of the season. The first year we managed to go to all six organized coursings by the RRCN and it was super! We had another wonderful day, both boys ran their personal record and we are already looking forward to next year. Thank you RRCN coursing crew for 6 great days and see you all next year! This lovely photo is ofcourse by Edward Veldkamp. 

Anjo visiting daddy

Anjo in Holland

Today we had very special visitors from Germany. Anjo (Xavi and Lubaya's son) came visiting together with his little 'sister' Ribana and ofcourse owners Sandra and Roman. We had a lovely walk and coffee  together and it was great to see Anjo again. He grew out to be a lovely sweet and handsome boy and is a great help for his sister Ribana who has an eye disease and is almost blind. They became true friends. Thank you Sandra and Roman for giving our Anjo such a loving home and for a great day. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon!

Mack's Show Title!


Today on the Richmond Championship Show Mack won Junior class which gave him his last points for the Junior Warrant Title. What an amazing achievement for our young boy of only 14 months and for a livernose as well. Congratulations to Mack and his proud owner Caroline, and ofcourse to Gill for breeding this handsome and sweet boy. We are super proud, way to go! best odds.

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