Name:  Xavi 
Pedigree Name: Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira
NHSB number: 2783942
Date of Birth:
27 February 2010 
Sex: Male ♂ 
Breeder: Natascha de Ruyter of Shayela Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Sire: CH. Arengo Essence of Haika
DamShayela Ravira Ngwani Shangara
Brothers/sisters: 2/9


Height: 68 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Hips: HD A free according FCI - Norberg Value: 40
Elbows: ED/OCD/LPC/LPA/Inc free according FCI
Shoulders: OCD free according FCI
Blue Dilute: Free, no carrier (D/D)
Liver gene: Carrier (B/b)
Degenerative Myelopathy: Free, no carrier (N/N)
Hemophilia B: Free, no carrier
Heart ultrasound: clear 
JME: Free, no carrier
Complete Scissor Bite 

Xavi came to live with us in April 2010. He spent his first 8 weeks in Hank, at Natascha’s place, where he was so well socialized, that he wasn’t impressed by anything when he came in our family. In the litter Xavi was already a very curious, open, happy and adventurous puppy. He had no problems enjoying himself while the rest of the puppies were asleep and when Natascha used a barrier to keep the puppies inside the garden he just jumped over it. So we were prepared for no second of rest for the next…say…..12 months…….

But Xavi was the easiest puppy we could have wished for. He learned very fast and grew out the be a very confident and not easily impressed boy. He was already stable at very young age. He loves people (especially if they have food with them), is wonderful with children and is friendly to other dogs of both sexes. He loves to work, as long as he gets cookies. A real Ridgeback! We did several obedience courses with Xavi, are going to lure coursing events from the RRCN and his biggests hobbies are biking and swimming. He's an active boy who loves to go out, but when it rains he's our lazy couch-potatoe. 

Because of his lovely personality and his easygoing temperament, we decided that Xavi is available as a stud dog for suitable bitches. Xavi's matings and litters can be followed under 'Mating' and 'Offspring'. From Xavi's first litter we kept a little boy; Focus. Xavi and Focus have been best friends from the first day.


Pictures of Xavi



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