Luna Of The Two Crowns

15 February 2008. After being on 'the list' for a puppy from kennel Of The Two Crowns for over a year, we were waiting for that one phone call to know if there was a little girl for us in Caithlin's belly. And there was! In a total of 17 puppies, there were plenty of gorgeous girls to choose from. There was one tiny little girl, the smallest of all 17 puppies, that caught our eye. She forgot her ridge in all the hurry to get out, but compensated by having the most gorgeous face and fantastic personality.

Luna came to live with us in April 2008 and this is where a whole new world opened. My first dog ever and I was the proudest 'mum' in the world. In the next 5 years, Luna and I developed a friendship. A true, pure friendship. She learned me so much about dogs and Ridgebacks particular and we became a great team together. I've truly never met a dog in my life who enjoyed life like Luna did. Always happy, always jumping and running, always ready for action and so much personality in that little girl. It was impossible not to love her. In 2010 Xavi joined our family and in 2012 Focus completed the pack. We lived in a dream, everything was simply perfect.

That dream ended when Luna became sick in the end of August 2013. She had never been sick in her life before and we knew very quick it was serious. Her condition was getting worse every day and after visiting several specialists and vets, we got the devastating diagnosis. Luna had Lymphoma and she was already in a 'last stage' of the disease. There was no other option than to make sure she wouldn't suffer and let her go.

We are thankful for the 5 years we had with the most special girl in the world, but wished it could have been 10 more. She is missed very deeply and will stay in our hearts forever. Luna-mouse, our little girl that brought a smile on everyone's face.
My pride, my love, my life...

A special thanks goes to Mireille and Roy. Luna's breeders and our dear friends who are our support in this hard time. xx


We may not be together

in the way we used to be.
We are still connected
by a cord no eye can see.
So whenever you need to find me,
we're never far apart.
If you look beyond the horizon
and listen with your heart

Until we meet again.......



Pictures of Luna


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