Due to my study and graduating in 2013 and 2014, Focus hasn't been shown much. But he did a great job so far!
He also needed his time to mature (both in body and mind!), so we might start showing him again when he's ready to start in open class.
An overview of his show results can be found here.


Show   Date   Judge   Class     Result
Wijchen/Cuijk 21/12 Mrs. Halff-van Boven Open 4th Very Good
Jachthondenshow 15/06 Mr. Lepasaar (EE) Intermediate 3rd Very Good


Show   Date   Judge   Class     Result
Asten 10/03 Mrs. Horsten Puppy 1 Very Promising, BOB Puppy 
Manchester (UK) 17/01 Mr. Bryce - Smith (UK) Minor puppy 3rd place, CRUFTS 2014 QUALIFIED



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