Name: Focus
Pedigree name: Faahac Royaal Focus
Date of Birth: 30 June 2012
Sex: Male ♂
Breeder: Gill Lawless of Faahac Rhodesian Ridgebacks (UK)
Sire: Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira
Dam: Ch. Faahac Farenya JW ShCM
Brothers/sisters: 6/5


Height: 68 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Hips: HD A free according FCI - Norberg Value: 40
Elbows: ED/OCD/LPC/LPA/Inc free according FCI
Shoulders: OCD free according FCI
Blue Dilute: Free, no carrier (D/D)
Liver gene: Carrier (B/b)
Degenerative Myelopathy: Free, no carrier (N/N)
Hemophilia B: Free, no carrier
JME: Free, no carrier
Complete Scissor Bite

Focus is the last addition to our pack and a very special boy in many ways. Starting with the fact that he's Xavi's son from his very first litter, so we have two generations in the family now. It's very special to keep a puppy from your own boy and we are so happy with our own Xavi-baby.
On the 30th of June, Xavi's first litter was born at Kennel Faahac Ridgebacks in England. I was at work at that moment, but couldn't work anymore after Gill's text message that the first puppy was born. A little girl! 11 more puppies followed and all with beautiful ridges, all perfectly healthy, no kinks, no excessive white and.....2 liver babies! 
I couldn't have dreamed of such a beautiful litter! 

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And that's how it happened that Focus joined our pack on the 25th of August 2012. And he is everything we hoped for. He's a very brave boy, not impressed by anything and he adapts easily to every new situation. He thinks all attention should go to him, since he's the funniest and most handsome boy in the world, and to be honest, that's exactly how it happens. Focus is the most affectionate big lap dog I've ever seen in a Ridgeback (besides his mum Enyaa maybe). He prefers to sleep on your lap, with his head laying in your neck and your ears being washed. He's a very sensitive boy who always wants to be sweet and 'a good boy'. You never have to be mad at him and even if he did do something, his big dark round puppy eyes and kisses in your face make sure you will just forget whatever he did. One more thing we can say about Focus is that he has eternal energy. We can go to the woods for 2,5 hours and when we come home Focus gets his toys out and just starts again. I think he has the genes of his granny Ambaa, who is 10 years old now and still acting like a puppy. And I love it!
Focus is truly everything we hoped for and more. He is very friendly for people, also loves children like his dad and is wonderful with other dogs. He sees a playmate in every dog we meet on the walk and never gets in trouble. The great characteristics he got from both his mum and dad.
All together, Focus is our eternal puppy, our 'Turboki', our most loyal companion and Xavi's best friend in life.

We will bring Focus into the show ring in the future and we already go to the RRCN coursing events with him. He competed in his first lure coursing 'match' in Summer 2013 and gained 3rd place in his class (12-15 months) and had a lot of fun ofcourse. In 2014 he started between the adult dogs for the first time and his times are getting faster and faster. He even managed to make Xavi fanatic too for the coursing, so they run together now.
And last, but not least, we want to thank Gill very much for everything! Her trust in Xavi ofcourse, the great care and socialization in the first 8 weeks and ofcourse for our own little boy Focus. We are so happy with him! 

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